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The monitor FZ 108A is a speaker active, compact and lightweight. Offers an extreme level of SPL and high embedded technology: digital amplifier internal DSP which optimizes frequency response and independent limiter operation in bass and treble.
Whether in small PAs or as a complement to large systems, the FZ 108A monitors have the tonal balance and sound you're looking for. Perfect for anyone who wants full sound and professional sound.
The precise timing adjustment between the transducers of the FZ 108A rescues the musical image and highlights the main characteristic of the FZ products: the clarity of the vocals.

  • - Caixa acústica duas vias 1 x AF de 8” + driver 1”
    - Coverage (2): 70º x 60º
    - Max SPL calculated 1m dB SPL (continuous/peak) (3): 118/124 dB SPL
    - Frequency Resp (4): 80 Hz to 20 kHz
    - Power supply: 90 to 260V automatic AC
    - Full power: 880W
    - Sensitivity: +4 dBu (1.2V)
    - Connectors: 2 x XLR , 2 x PowerCon NAC3 (input, link), 1 x RJ 45 - Weight: 12.18 kg
    - Dimensions: 430mm H x 290mm W x 290mm L

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