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Line array J82P (passive)

Line array J82P (passive)



The line array FZ J82A is passive (For active version, click here). Account with um Fly Hardware  intuitive and aided by Ease Focus prediction software.

It features two 8” neodymium speakers and a 1.4” compression driver that maximize output level across 110 degrees of horizontal coverage. This is possible thanks to the use of phase plugs for the driver's waveguide and for the two speakers.

High power digital amplifier e internal DSP com computer monitoring system. The operator can control various parameters such as level, mute, delay and equalization on each monitor. Perfect for anyone who wants full sound and professional sound.

The precise timing adjustment between the transducers of the FZ J82A rescues the musical image and enhances the main characteristic of the FZ products: the clarity of the vocals. Can be sold together with the active version_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_FZ J82A🇧🇷

  • - 2x8” two-way amplified line array + 1.4” driver and 3” diaphragm
    - Fly hardware integrated into the extruded heatsink, in 6061-T6 structural aluminum
    - Tilt up to 8º with 0.5º steps
    - 110º symmetrical horizontal coverage
    - Neodymium speakers and driver
    - Low weight and compact size
    - Switched Source and Digital Amplification
    - Presets and High Pass Filter selectable via software with rear panel control
    - Internal DSP (Digital Signal Processor) with control via PC or MAC via TCP-IP protocol
    - Optional Dante protocol digital audio inputs

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